Eyelash extensions, my experiences.


What woman does not dream to have nice long and thick eyelashes to have a perfect appearance?

Thanks to modern cosmetic procedure, also known as eyelash extensions, now every woman can make her eyelashes thicker, longer and more fascinating.

However, it is not always easy to find a good eyelash stylists, let alone to distinguish a good from a bad eyelash extensions, just because the procedure is made with closed eyes.

A suitable eyelash stylist knows how a professional eyelash extension must be performed and without your natural lashes to be damaged. But unfortunately, your eyelashes may suffer if the stylist is not good enough.

To save you from unnecessary suffering and teach you how  to distinguish a good eyelash extensions from a bad one, here are a few tips on how you can find a good and competent eyelash stylists:

  1. Treatment should be completely painless. This means must not natural eyelashes be plucked.
  2. An extension should be attached only to a natural eyelash and shall not be attached under any circumstances on several eyelashes or even on the skin.
  3. The adhesive for eyelash extensions must not get on skin or eyes, as this may cause irritation of the eyes or skin.
  4. After the procedure of eyelash extension, you should not feel any tension or itching. Your eyes may be slightly reddened a short time after treatment that is completely normal. So no need to worry. If your eyes however swell up after eyelash extension, this can be traced back to an incompatibility of the adhesive or the eye pads and you should eventually see a doctor.
  5. Over time, the eyelash extension should fall out individually, but not two or even more bonded natural lashes (or Eyelash Extensions).
  6. Do not hit right at the lowest bid, because usually, the quality with such offers desired to be better. Compare the offers and keep in mind that an eyelash extension process is a precise and elaborate work, which also has its price.
  7. Recommended are the stylists who specialize on the eyelash extensions only.


So now the best of luck in finding your eyelashes stylist!