Tweezers for professional Eyelash Extension!

Tweezers is one of the most important tools in Eyelash Extension process.

Most of the tweezers for eyelash extension are made of anti-static stainless steel. Their design is usually very nice and they are 12-14 cm in length.

Due to the mirror surface the glue particles will never stick to the tweezers and will not bother you while work!

The tweezers must be of a very high quality in order to perform professional eyelash extension! The first thing to check is that both ends must touch precisely and they must not be very sharp, in order to avoid injuries.

Eyelash extension stylists usually work with 2 basic types of tweezers: straight tweezers and bent tweezers.


For proper separation of lashes we offer another 2 types of tweezers: bent tweezers and strong bent tweezers. Length 14 cm.


To remove eyelash extensions depending on the technique it is possible to use different types of tweezers: straight tweezers, bent tweezers or z-tweezers which are 12 cm in length.

As a rule in 3D eyelash extension technique it is used bent tweezers or strong bent tweezers.


We do recommend having a couple tweezers just in case. First of all it is comfortable to have a few tools to work with and secondly it is efficient as tweezers can slip away and hit the floor which definitely would damage its ends. Of course it is no possible to continue working with crooked tweezers.

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