Allergy after the eyelash extensions. 

The glue for Eyelash Extension contains cyanoacrylate. This active substance brings the glue to immediate hardening. Indeed, the regular contact with Cyanoacrylat can lead to allergic reactions.

 Some customers complain of itchy or watery eyes, swollen eyelids, or severe burning during the application process.

Such reactions cause the vapors that occur during application process and a few days after. Thus, to make the process painless and enjoyable for your customers, you can take the following measures: 

- Ventilation and moisture: be sure that your work place is regularly aired and the humidity is above 50%. Even a light breeze from the fan drives irritating fumes away.

 - Make sure that the eye pads are attached properly, so there are no open areas, even when the eyes are closed. Otherwise the irritating fumes may get into the eye. The consequences described above. For this reason, the raising of the eyelids with eye tape is not recommended. 

- Never let the glue get on the eyelid. 

- You can neutralize the adhesive fumes directly after extension process with a special liquid FINISH. Thus, the customer may wet eyelash extensions right on the same day and the allergic reaction of the vapors coming from the adhesive is significantly reduced.

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