WONA® Silicon Pads XL

WONA® Silicon Pads XL

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The WONA® Silikon Pads XL feature a ROUND shape and are specially designed for long lashes during a lash lifting treatment. This size is among the most commonly used in lash lifting procedures, giving lashes a "D"-shaped curvature similar to eyelash extensions.

Our high-quality silicone pads add a glamorous touch to the treatment – the material is matte, soft, elastic, and absolutely luxurious. Each pad is adorned with elegant glitter elements, creating a enchanting glamour effect.


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If your client has crossed or downward-growing lashes, the WONA® Silikon Pads XL will help lift them perfectly and make them obedient during mascara application.

All WONA® silicone pads are made from high-quality, allergen-free, gentle, and extremely soft 100% platinum silicone. There are a total of 8 different shapes available: 4 round sizes (S, M, L, XL) and 4 flat sizes (S1, M1, L1, XL1). These pads are shape-stable, robust, and soft. When selecting the appropriate silicone pads, it is important to ensure that the natural lashes exceed the center of the pad during lifting (horizontally), while the tips of the natural lashes must not cross the roll of the silicone pad.

Our round pads, which do not have a number, allow for various effects, depending on the application of Lotions #1. Apply Lotion #1 up to the middle of the pad for a soft effect and gentle curl. Apply the lotion higher than the middle of the silicone pad to achieve a stronger wave. These pads are particularly suitable for hooded lids and Asian eyes with downward-growing lashes.

Learn more about how to choose the right silicone pads for lash lifting!

Through specific tests, experiments, and comparisons, we have succeeded in developing a truly unique and incomparable tool that meets all the needs of lash stylists. The shape of the WONA® Silikon Pads XL completely encloses the client's eyelid without weighing it down or causing discomfort.


It is recommended to thoroughly wash the WONA® Silikon Pads XL with a cleansing foam immediately after removing them from the eye to keep them as uncolored as possible for as long as possible. If they become very dark due to repeated coloring, they should be replaced. These silicone pads can be sterilized in an autoclave.


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