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Discover the revolutionary Easy Fan volume eyelashes for breathtaking eyelash lengthening! In the product description you will find an insightful video that gives you an insight into the application and the results.

Are you wondering what makes the difference between classic eyelash extensions and Easy Fan Lashes? Well, conventional eyelash extensions often lack an additional adhesive at the base, which can lead to the fans falling apart. But with our Easy Fan Lashes it's different! We cleverly arranged two rows of lashes, also known as double row lashes, and held them together at the base with a minimal amount of glue. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can easily create a beautiful fan with a tied foot.

Curl: C
Thickness: 0,05 mm
Length: 7 mm

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The best part is that Easy Fan volume lashes for both beginners and are also suitable for advanced stylists. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly you can work with it without sacrificing precision. These lashes give you the speed you want without sacrificing an impressive result.

Our volume lashes are arranged in double rows and finished with a wafer-thin layer of glue. This special technology allows you to effortlessly shape the extensions into a fascinating fan. Let your customers shine with voluminous, perfectly shaped eyelashes.

What are you waiting for? Seize the chance and discover the impressive world of Easy Fan volume eyelashes. Give your clients the wow factor they deserve and become an eyelash extension master! Order now and experience the ease of fanning!

Material: Korean PBT fiber. Curl: C, D, D+. Thicknesses: 0.05mm, 0.07mm. Lengths: 12 numbered rows 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and mix box from 7mm to 13mm.

Our eyelash extensions are made purely synthetically - and for good reason: We guarantee you consistent quality, high dimensional stability and minimize the risk of allergies. All of our products meet the high requirements of professional cosmetic and eyelash studios.

Our eyelash extensions definitely have the positive properties of natural eyelashes: they are light, soft and have an elegant sheen. The names of our eyelash extensions are therefore borrowed from nature: SILK EYELASHES and MINK EYELASHES.

However, the actual use of animal hair is generally avoided in the area of eyelash extensions. The risk of an allergic reaction in your customers would be far too high. Instead, eyelash extensions are made from tested polymers and microfibers combined with silicone. Due to a higher proportion of silicone, our SILK EYELASHES are softer, more elastic and shinier than MINK EYELASHES. Choose for yourself: depending on the desired look and the preferences of your customers.

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