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Our Mink Lashes deLuxe are particularly popular and give your look a particularly expressive and defined look. With our deeper black tone of the Minklashes deLuxe you can enhance the look of your natural lashes and create a dramatic effect.

Curl: C
Thickness: 0,05 mm
Length: Mix 6,7,8mm

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High quality, deep black Korean PBT fiber that reflects extremely little incident light and is therefore deep black. High elasticity and matte finish. Eyelash extensions without a bluish or greyish tinge at the tips. Vegan. The short tips of the fibers are a popular choice for eyelash extensions as they can give the look an extra punchy and defined look. A deeper black tone of the deLuxe mink lashes can enhance the look of the natural lashes and provide a dramatic effect. 16 numbered rows. Vegan. 100% recyclable packaging.

Curl: C, D.

Thicknesses: 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm.

Lengths: 16 numbered rows.

Mix box: from 6 to 8 mm. 4 rows 6mm lengths, 5 rows - 7mm lengths, 7 rows - 8mm lengths.

Regular box with 16 numbered rows: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13mm

Mix box: from 13 to 15 mm. 6 rows 13mm lengths, 5 rows - 14mm lengths, 5 rows - 15mm lengths.

Mix box: from 7-15 mm (1 x 7 mm, 1 x 8 mm, 2 x 9 mm, 3 x 10 mm, 3 x 11 mm, 3 x 12 mm, 1 x 13 mm, 1 x 14 mm, 1x15mm).

If you Eyelash extensions are 0.20 mm thick, we recommend deLuxe silk eyelashes: SILK EYELASHES DELUXE

Mink lashes are used in professional cosmetic and eyelash studios. These eyelashes are light, soft and have a noble shine. The individual eyelashes are made of synthetic. Due to their properties, they are also called "mink lashes". The eyelashes are arranged on an adhesive tape so that they can be removed individually with tweezers. This shortens the working time by about 15 minutes.

Good to know!

Our Eyelash extensions are made purely synthetically - and for good reason: We guarantee you consistent quality, high dimensional stability and minimize the risk of allergies. All of our products meet the high requirements of professional cosmetics and eyelash studios.

Our Eyelash extensions definitely have the positive properties of natural eyelashes. The names of our Eyelash extensions are therefore Borrowed from nature: SILK LASHES and NERZWIMPERN.

The actual use of animal hair is referred to in the eyelash extensions but generally avoided. The risk of an allergic reaction in your customers would be far too high. Instead, Eyelash extensions made of tested polymers and

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