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Immerse yourself in the world of i LASH FAN® - dem revolutionary device for automatic eyelash fanning, developed by professionals, for professionals! Make your demanding volume eyelash extension technique easier with i LASH FAN®.

Our innovative technology automatically fans out eyelash extensions to create even fans of individual, fine eyelashes - again and again. A true miracle...

Thanks to the innovative i LASH FAN®, even beginners can master the volume technique in no time. The laborious manual fanning of the extensions is a thing of the past. This means that aspiring eyelash stylists no longer lose customers during their initial phase, when they still have to laboriously learn to create eyelash fans by hand.

Simple, efficient and professional - with i LASH FAN® you can take your eyelash extensions to a new level! Find out more about the future of eyelash technology now.


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i LASH FAN® device

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to expanded production capacity and more efficient production, we have been able to make a significant price reduction for the i LASH FAN® device. Our top priority remains to provide you with high quality products that meet your needs in the eyelash extension industry. We pride ourselves on offering products that not only offer premium quality, but are also available at an unbeatable value. The device comes with a foot/hand sensor, 20 white foils and 100 glue cups.

With the i LASH FAN® you have you'll get the hang of it quickly

More and more customers today want perfect volume eyelashes. But not all studios can offer this technology. It is difficult to learn. Eyelash stylists need a lot of practice before they get the hang of it. With our new iLashFan things will now be different. It fans out the eyelash extensions automatically. Even compartments are created, again and again. This is a real innovation.

Developed by professionals for professionals

As professionals, we know how strenuous our job is, especially on the back and eyes. That's why we wanted to make the demanding volume technique easier and more pleasant for us stylists and for our customers. However, we have not found a solution to this problem on the market. The prefabricated compartments, for example, did not convince us because the glue was too thick. So we got to work ourselves and developed the iLashFan. By professionals, for professionals – because we know what you need for your work so that you can become even more successful in your career.

Equal compartments are created automatically

With the new iLashFan, even beginners can now master the volume technique in a very short time. Because the difficult process of fanning out the extensions by hand is no longer necessary. Even compartments are created again and again. Committee – that was yesterday! This way you save material. And expensive training courses to learn volume technology are no longer necessary. Because using the iLashFan is particularly easy and quick to learn.

The iLashFan is controlled with a foot switch. This means you have both hands free for the treatment. This is more comfortable than the traditional technique, guarantees the best results and shortens the duration of the treatment. A real plus for you and your customers.

For light, medium and mega volume

When developing the iLashFan, we paid attention to quality made in Germany and durability and that it was really easy to use. Up to eight strips of eyelash extensions can be attached to the iLashFan at the same time, so you always have different lengths and curls ready. For light, medium and mega volumes you can reliably create perfect 3 to 10 compartments with the iLashFan. The device works very quietly. Your customers can relax in peace during the treatment. The iLashFan is also ergonomically shaped. The resulting compartments can therefore be easily removed by right- and left-handed people. Curious? We would be happy to advise you! So why wait any longer? With the iLashFan you can get started quickly and offer your customers perfect volume eyelashes. Do you have questions and want to know more? Then get in touch with us. The device is suitable for left- and right-handed people. ElektroG: 84973524.

You will soon be able to follow all the news and information on our website: i LASH FAN® 


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