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Women's eyes are what attracts, excites and fascinates. That is why every woman since olden times pays so much attention to her eyes, in particular to the Eyelashes. The eyebrows are often called the frame of the face and eyelashes can be safely called the frame of the gaze!

We, women got used long time ago to such a daily procedures as applying mascara on eyelashes and curling them using that terrible scissors-tweezers device. That is all a habit, and that is ok as long as you keep yourself up to date. So you read this to find out more about new procedure called Bio Lash Perm!


 Bio Lash Perm is absolutely safe, quite easy procedure of eyelash curving after which the eyelashes will get natural curve! Thank to this your eyes will say much more! With the help of special agents the lashes will get lifted up, they will become more expressive, longer, brighter and will acquire a gorgeous shape. You will never stay indifferent after lash perm and the curve will last from 4 weeks to 2 months, which depends on lashes’ growth. But it is not advised to repeat Bio Lash Perm more than ones in 2 months.

Bio Lash Perm is also quite pleasant procedure for eyelash stylist. There a few reasons to start offering this service to the customers:

  1. Bio Lash Perm is easy procedure and it will take no longer than 1 day to learn it.
  2. Bio Lash Perm is not a long lasting procedure. It takes about 40-60 min. During this time the stylist has got 15-20 min of free time, it is when the agents are working.
  3. Bio Lash Perm Sets can boast about low price but high profitability. One Lash Perm Set is enough for 15-20 customers and silicon rollers are reusable.
  4.  Worth mentioning that Bio Lash Perm can help to keep a client! Undoubtedly every eyelash stylist has got as regular customers and inconstant customers which get the Eyelash extensions only for special occasions and one-time. So the second type must  totally be offered the Bio Lash Perm procedure which will surely gladden your client and you!
  5. Bio Lash Perm is suitable for women who make pause in eyelash extension. Because it is hard to see so little lashes ,volume and length right after extensions, lash curling can help to avoid a strong contrast between extended lashes and natural ones.

Lash Perm Set :



  1. Pink Lotion. This agent is directly responsible for eyelash curving. It gives a natural beautiful bent.

2. Blue Lotion . Setting Lotion fixes the effect of the Pink Lotion and keeps lashes curved up to 3 months.

3. Transparent Lotion.  Restoring and nourishing agent.

4. Silicon Rollers. Depending on the set could be different quantity and sizes: S,M,L. Silicon Pads are made of special material which makes them reusable. In addition they have got comfortable form to create a beautiful curl.


5. Glue. Transparent lash perm adhesive, designed specifically to work on the body. Does not cause discomfort and is easily washed off with water.

Materials for Lash Curving:

  1. Eye Pads. For this procedure it can be used any type of eye pads: classic eye pads, hydrogel eye patch, lint free eye patch or extra fine eye pads depending on client’s choice.

2. Micro Brush. It is needed to put on pink lotion, blue lotion and transparent-yellow lotion.

3. Bent Tweezers. With the help of tweezers the lashes are separated and stuck to the silicon rollers.

4. Primer.This agent you will need to clean eyelashes and degrease them.

5. Q-tips. Cotton buds are used to take off the agents.

Eyelash Perm Stages:

1. Put the eye pads under the eyes.

2. Clean the lashes from make up leftovers using make-up remover.

3. Degrease. To remove extra fat from eyelashes we offer a special mean which Lash Perm Set does not include – Primer - degreasing agent.

4. Try which size of the silicon roller will fit the most.

5. Put on the transparent glue on the inside of the rollers and stick them as close to eyelash growth line as possible.

6. Using the same adhesive for lash perm stick the lashes to the roller with the help of bent tweezers. In this stage it is important not to hurry and stick the lashes straight so that they do not cross anywhere! Because the transparent adhesive dries fast you should apply it on small area in 2-3 mm at the time.

7. Apply Pink lotion using micro-brush on the central part of the lashes, so that it does not get on the ends and roots of eyelashes.  Let it work for 10 min. Take off the agent with Q-tip.

8. Apply Blue lotion using micro-brush on the central part of the lashes, so that it does not get on the ends and roots of eyelashes.  Let it work for 10 min. Take the agent with Q-tip.

9. Next using transparent lotion, relieve the lashes from the roller with gentle moves from roots to ends.
10. Take off the silicon rollers with slightly wet Q-tip.

On request, after the Bio Lash Perm it is allowed dyeing eyelashes or applying semi-permanent mascara.

Try out Lash Curving procedure and add it to your service list and it will attract more customers and raise your level up! 


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