Allergy to eyelash extension

It is no secret that people in the beauty industry often have to work with chemicals.Most of these substances are harmless, but some tend to accumulate slowly in our bodies and can trigger various allergies.

Many stylists become allergic to these substances after a few years and are forced to cut their work cut down significantly or even give it up. The most harmful substance is the adhesive.


Each eyelahs extension glue, even hypoallergenic, contains chemical substances and can have effects on our body. Allergies can occur over time, which becomes noticeable firstly through headaches, watery eyes and runny nose. To avoid further sequelae, it is important to know what adhesive for eyelash extension is made of and how to act against.


Main component of the adhesive for eyelash extension is cyanoacrylate, which which actually work on the immediate hardening. Regular contact with cyanoacrylate leads to allergic reactions. The skin becomes dry, flaky  and tends to redden. The allergy is not caused by the substance itself, but by the vapors that irritate the nasal mucosa,  what can lead to headache and fatigue. Even if you don't have any allergies, it does not mean that this can not occur to you later. As mentioned, the pollutants accumulate in our body.


Symptoms :

 - Strong cough after a few hours of work;

- Stuffy nose

 - Watery eyes;

- Headaches;


Don’t neglect this.  Take measures:


- Ventilation. When working with all chemicals, it is important to regularly ventilate the studio. The best way is to use a continuous ventilation system.


- Humidification. The moisture prevents the rapid spread of chemical vapors. Some eyelash stylists use a damp cloth in some places or wear a fatty cream next to the nose.


- Air cleaner. This device is intended to improve the indoor air and to remove contaminants, such as dust, allergens, bacteria, fungi, and chemical vapors. There are different models that you can choose according to your needs.


- Mask. Mask is the most common method that is very accessible and convenient, but it provides no protection against chemical vapors. It is recommended to change it after 2 hours of usage.


- Face mask with activated carbon. Such filter absorbs all pollutants and protect you from chemical vapors. Disadvantage:  when the customer sees you in such respirator, it could be quite frightening. So the advise is for you to take it on after the customer has his eyes closed.


- Nose filter. For those who want to protect themselves invisibly, there is news! The nasal filter that is placed directly into the nasal cavities. The pressed nasal filter catches up to 100% of the undesired particles.


- Anti-allergy gel. Some eyelash stylists who suffer allergies to eyelash extensions, use this gel that relieves the effects of pollutants.

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